The Game Play of Battlefield Heroes

Battlefield Heroes was an action video game which was developed by EA Digital Illusions and further developed by Easy Studios and was released in 2009 by Electronic Arts for Microsoft Windows. On computer specifications, Battlefield Heroes was less demanding than the previous games of the series in order to gain the base of the audience.


Battlefield Heroes Game Play


Game play

Battlefield Heroes has a modified conquest mode which is offering every team 50 lives and basically one flag at the beginning of the game. Their number of lives will be progressively reduced by killing enemies and holding more flags than your opponents. Battlefield Heroes game also has matchmaking in order to keep players of the same level together. The two armies are called the Royal Army which possesses the blue base color flag and the National Army which possesses a red base color flag. Spawn times are 5 seconds which are allowing for less waiting and more action. The players cannot choose spawn points because the game has an Intelligent Spawn System which is putting players closest to the nearest battle. Often the player is going to be parachuted behind enemy lines. This game also offers a new mode named Conquest V2. The purpose of this mode is holding a rocket for 5 minutes.

Battlefield Heroes had a class system like the previous Battlefield games which had been reduced to three basic classes such as Commando which a snipe, speedy, a low health and knife specialist; Gunner which is a high health slow class and a heavy weaponed and the Soldier which is a mid speed, mid health mid ranged weaponed medic. These three classes have a couple of disadvantages and advantages.

Player can also buy bandages in order to regenerate health and wrenches in order to regenerate vehicle armor points.

There are a couple of vehicles in this Battlefield Heroes game such as two light tanks which are designed in the style of the Panzer III/IV and the M4 Sherman. You can also find wheeled Vehicles in this game such as the Willys Jeep and the Kubelwagen. There are also four aircraft, two of them are made to look like the Supermarine Spitfire and Messerschmitt Bf 109 and the others are kinds of helicopters. All of the vehicles have passenger slots, the wheeled vehicles fit for three passengers, the tank is completed with passenger space in the turret, the aircraft has a passenger slot on every wing and the helicopters are completed with passenger slots on each side.